About Me

I am a mother to three beautiful children, ages 9 months, 8, and 11. I have always had a passion for photography and the family bond. I am so happy I have a career that can support both. 

My own experiences with being a mother have called me to this line of work. I have experienced first hand what a difference support (especially in the early weeks) can make in recovering physically and emotionally from birth. Because of this I am very dedicated to helping new parents and their families during this beautiful time in their lives. 

I also have extensive experience with tongue tied babies. I myself had a baby born with a tongue tie and have helped numerous clients going through the same thing. It's an exhausting journey and I have the tools and resources to help a family navigate this. 


My goal in photography is to tell your story. I love documenting the little things that we soon forget. Such as how your children look at you, those pudgy little fingers, how your baby plays with your hair or snuggles into your neck. I love capturing connection and emotion with my lens and I strive to do this in an unobtrusive and respectful way.

I hold a Bachelor degree in Visual Communications, have proffesional grade equipment, and always push myself creatively. But my main goal with every client is to make sure you are at ease and happy with your documented moments. 

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